September 27, 2011

Annie Sloan and Charlie

As a recent empty-nester I am alone much of the day with my creative thoughts and my indecision...that's where Charlie comes in. Someone has to give an opinion on color etc.
You can't tell from this picture but he is actually looking right at a can of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Provence as well as a shiny black stain that he feels would look wonderful on the top.
That Charlie is a smart dog! If you haven't tried Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and you live in the Lower Mainland of BC, you NEED to go see Carrie at The Passionate Home in Langley!
She is the stockist for this area and is super friendly and helpful!

Well, talking to the dog about design decisions is cheaper than hiring an assistant...although I do have to clean up his "mess"...hmmm

Some paint remover and a good sanding on top only because the drawers don't need to be sanded or primed - because thats the beauty of this paint!
(Charlie doesn't help with this part as it gets in his fur).

A coat of Annie Sloan's Paris Grey went on the drawers so it could peak through the distressed areas to add dimension.

 Then a coat and a half of Provence and I'm starting to see the finished look taking place!
Awe much better - now we're getting closer!
I finished the top with my new favorite line of stain - called Samon and a clear top coat for protection to give it a nice shine.

Charlie and I took the dresser to the Fieldstone Vintage Market!


  1. Charlie did an excellent job with the color choices. I really love that dresser!


  2. I love working on 3 drawer chests. Good job on this one, did it sell?
    Kristy @ 4 the love of WOOD

  3. Hi Kristy - no it didn't sell at Fieldstone - but thats ok...I need to list it elsewhere but am enjoying looking at it at home for awhile.
    Question - do you usually do the inside of the drawers or leave them au naturel?

  4. It's gorgeous~ I love the color and love the red with it!! Would love for you to come share this at Feathered Nest Friday sometime!

  5. That is really pretty...I love the colors. Nicely done.

  6. LOL...I just had to come check out your post since my husband's name is Charlie!! What an adorable dog! (Yours, not my husband!)

    I have yet to get my hands on some ASCP but this piece turned out beautifully! And I really love the last picture with that red pillow against the turquoise!


  7. I just started blogging this month too!! I loved your last picture with the pillows in the drawer, it totally grabbed my attention!!

  8. now, isn't it funny that we both have dogs with design savvy? my cockapoo is a mini-version of your big pup--and i couldn't have a better buddy in my studio!

    love the finished product and hope you did well at the market!!


  9. Great post. I love your golden doodle! I share your love for "junk" My son often tells me I should own a pick up truck lol. You may like what my 3 grandchildren and I did with a plain old inherited table. I wrote a post about it here.


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