September 25, 2011


For years I've been dragging home "junk" and upcycling it into other things...most of my girl friends make hoarding jokes and my own mother even makes jokes about my "mental illness pile" when she refers to the contents of my garage (I'll post pics of that later)

However the same girlfriends and yes even my mom slowly started to show up when these little projects of mine were complete and offer to buy them! passion for rusty, broken, warped, old things was validated! I decided to jump into this wonderful world of vintage, upcycling, diy, recycling, collecting etc with both feet and home sweet nest was born!

The girls at birch and bird were kind enough to include me in their latest vintage show yesterday - Fieldstone Vintage Market and it was just the greatest experience! I loved every minute of it (except for the part at the end where my boots were filled with my own blood...but anyway on to the prettier parts of the day! I had the best time, met so many great people and got alot of great feedback on my products -which was wonderful since I'm a newbie!

Here are a few photos of my first booth although I neglected to get any good shots until things started to sell and my booth started to look empty! It was sooo busy first thing in the morning that I never thought to grab my camera until people started hauling away their purchases.


  1. just found you from Funky Junk, welcome to blogging, love your booth!
    come visit when you can. xo

  2. Hi Elise! I saw you on FJI and thought I'd stop by and welcome you to blogging! You had some gorgeous thing at your booth. Would have loved to shop there at the market!

  3. All so lovely! Following your blog now after finding you through Funky Junk. Will be sharing you on FB.

  4. Just love what you have done with the suitcases!!

  5. Just found you through Funky Junk and love what you are doing. welcome to the world of blogging.

  6. So pretty! We loved meeting you and all of your "junk"! So glad you had a great time at Fieldstone :)

  7. I really enjoyed your booth on Saturday!! Will you be selling at another venue soon? I'd love to come check it out. What was the name of the place where you can get that chalk paint?

  8. Good for you Elisa, I'm proud of you and what you did at your sale, I guess I need to eat my words. I never thought my daughter could make something so beautiful out of a piece of junk. At least I know where you got your creative side from. Congratulations, keep at it dear.

    Love Mom xo


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