October 30, 2011

Vintage Market and Retreat

What a weekend! The Island Retreat and Vintage Market located in Anacortes Washington was an amazing show and truly an inspiration!

A retreat was exactly what my husband and I had in mind for the weekend - and a little Vintage shopping was exactly what I had in mind. Since tomorrow (Halloween) is my birthday and it usually gets swallowed up with kid's activities and door answering, we slipped away for a little pre-birthday present for me! And what a present it was! A whole weekend near the ocean in a beautiful hotel one block away from a vintage market!! What more could I ask?
If you live anywhere near Anacortes and haven't taken the time to visit - you are missing out on great little weekend destination!

The Majestic Inn and Spa is a gorgeous but quaint little hotel with only 23 vintage styled rooms, an ocean view, spa, great restaurant and excellent service!

Saturday morning cameand we were literally the first ones in the door...I wasn't taking any chances on waiting in line!

I knew we were in for treat the minute we walked in the door - the displays were amazing!

Alley Cat antiques had the cutest little booth  - she even sold the table she was using for a cash desk!

This rusty, chippy, beautiful mailbox was my purchase from her booth - she was telling me her husband didn't understand one bit why she ever bought it...great now mine doesn't either! hahaha

Nests and eggs...always a personal favorite!

The owner of Ormalulu Vintage had an amazing booth that held some really original interesting items!

The Bella Bungalow was there - with a great ASCP display!

They had a paint sale on which alot of people were taking advantage of! So, if you are a Washington resident looking for an Annie Sloan Chalk Paint stockist - look no further!

The girls were actually painting a piece right there at the show (genius)!

I'm very sorry that I can't remember which booth this next two photos were from, but I have to say that I was the most proud of them!
 I don't even know what - but I think I did something right with my

Julie from Vintage By The Bay was also there with her great collection of nostalic items!

Backroads Vintage from Freeland had a wonderful booth with an interesting use of wheat grass in their display...

I absolutely loved this lamp and plan to make my own version very soon! I thought it was a great example of how sometimes the most beautiful items don't have to be tailored and perfect.

The burlap flowerpins were so adorable and were flying off the shelves!

Reject Junk - what a great name and a talented owner! Karin recycles random objects, turning them into art  treasures that will add humor, funk & class to any room.
This would be a great place to buy a gift that would never be duplicated!! 

Thank you to my wonderful husband for the fantastic weekend!
Apparently I am now going golfing on his birthday!
I hope if you didn't make it to the retreat, save the date for the next one - April 26,2012. Hope you enjoyed the tour.
Happy Halloween everyone!

October 26, 2011

A Basket Of Light

Once upon a time there was a cute little $3.00 metal basket...

I just felt like the basket had more potential than a holder for a bunch of linen napkins - which for some reason is my intial thought when I see this kind of item...
I cut the handles off, turned it upside down, wove some grey satin ribbon through the metal edging and attached an antique key and some other cute little charms to add something special to it.

The lamp base was a $2.00 find at our local thrift store. It needed a quick spray of Rustoleum's Rubbed Oil Bronze. The hardest part about this was getting the price sticker off.
WHAT do they make the sticky on the back of those things out of?! It's ridiculous really!

Here it is finished out enjoying some fresh air...

And at night - it casts a beautiful pattern on the walls around it thanks to the basket shade. I had a hard time parting with this one but she went to live with the lovely couple that owns Semper Nova - the cute little Etsy Shop based in White Rock BC.

There you have it... a basket of light!
Total cost $5.00 and some left over ribbon and charms!

October 25, 2011

Radio Caninet turned side table

I think this little gem was an old radio cabinet as the window in the middle had that yucky gold fabric across it. It was so old it ripped off like a cobweb.

I stripped the paint off the top and gave tbe rest of it a fresh coat of Old White.

The top got a dark black stain on it which really added a nice contrast to the Old White.

It was one of those quick little makeovers that is really simple but rewarding.


Armoire In Blue

I fell in love with this armoire the minute I saw it - I actually bought it at a garage sale at 4 The Love Of Wood.

Kristy had too many projects in waiting and decided to purge a little...which became good news for me!

It has beautiful detailing and I could see the potential in it right away!

I chose Annie Sloan Duck Egg and Old White. Then a combination of clear and dark wax.

This item is currently available!

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October 22, 2011


Anyone who attended Fieldstone Vintage Market this past September, knows what a fun day and great success it was! Rachel and Lily of Birch and Bird have agreed to host another great event!!




12 - 5 PM


For those of you who didn't make it to the September market there are some fantastic pictures at these sites so that you can see what you missed - be sure to mark this one on your calendar as you don't want to miss this great opportunity to enjoy a unique Christmas shopping opportunity as well as a nice afternoon sipping Hot Apple Cider and enjoying some beautiful displays! More details to follow.

Just to give you a little incentive to mark Dec. 3rd on your calendar, the following photos of the September market were taken by Donna of Funky Junk Interiors. She did a wonderful job of catching the essence of the day!

Hope to see you there!