October 17, 2011

Bed Makeover

Have you ever been wandering through a second hand store and spied an item that just spoke to you? This is how this project started. I saw this great bed the other day with gorgeous spindly details and just new it could be something special. I rushed over, all excited and noticed it had a sold tag on it! Shoot!

I continued shopping and went to the till to pay for my purchases. The lady in front of me at the till was trying to return something she had previously purchased and when she was finished with her transaction I paid for my other items and left.

That night I was sitting at home thinking about my day and started to wonder if it was "my" bed that she was returning.
Couldn't be!
Or, could it?!
So, trying not to get my hopes up, I went back to the store the next day and sure enough - it was still there WITHOUT a sold sign on it! "Meant to be!`` I told myself!

The sales person was so impressed with my dedication to the hunt, she knocked $10 off the bed for me!! So, since I was scared to lose this opportunity I told them I'd take it home with me right now!
Now comes the hard part. I get really excited about new projects and when I'm in the mood to start one, I want to start NOW, so I took the bed home in my a Pontiac Sunfire... Thank goodness it wasn't a king size!

The bag on the end of the bed was the only thing in the store with some red on it that they could give me to tie on, so I have blurred out my license plate and house number so that I don't get a ticket. I have ALOT of driving issues - enough to fill a whole other blog!

(Today I knocked over a fountain with a truck and trailer - not kidding!) oops

Anyway, I got the bed home and started in right away with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint LOVE IT!

I used Annie Sloan Duck Egg and dark wax. With a little bit of old white dry brushed onto the finials.

And it's turning out beautifully!

Now, you know how you start one project and it leads into another?Well, the room that this bed was going to go in just wasn't deserving of such a beautiful piece of furniture. Our guest room has amazing potential! It's on the second floor and has dormer windows, it's own little deck with a beautiful view of Mount Baker and alot of character.

HOWEVER, it also has one layer, two layers

THREE LAYERS of wallpaper, and yellow paint!

So, my plan to haul it up there, dress the bed and show it off isn't going to have the desired effect. Just to give you an idea of what I am up is a before pic of the bedroom walls.

My goal is to have the room done to unveil it here next Thursday! As long as I'm not in jail for some sort of traffic violation.

So, please check back here next Thursday for the big unveiling!

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  1. The bed looks gorgious! What a find. And I can' wait to see what you do with the room you are planning to put it in.

  2. Great find! Love ASCP's duck egg blue. I'm sorry to hear about the fountain! Did it dent your vehicle??? Can't wait to see the room! If you'd like to link up to my party that started today I'd love it!
    I'm a new follower.

  3. Love the bed!!! I ordered an Annie Sloan color card today. I have a sleigh bed in our guest room that's boring white righ now.

  4. Was your Mom home when you knocked the fountain over??? I would have paid to see that. :-)

  5. Hi Ladies;
    No I didn't dent the vehichle - but I put a good scratch on the trailer and yes my mom and dad were home. Also, they just sold their house and the new owner was there! Yikes. He was very understanding about the whole thing...maybe he didn't like the fountain anyway?
    Oh my life...

  6. I love the spindle headboard! It is so pretty. You must live near Bellingham, my daughter used to live in that area and we had such a beautiful view of Mt. Baker everywhere we drove.

  7. I see you live in Abbotsford! We moved from Langley just three years ago, you must live in a nice area of Abbotsfore.

  8. The headboard is so cute. How's the fountain doing by the way? No problem, life happens. Can't wait to see the finished product. I'd sure love it if you would post this at Sunday' Best Party, open now! Got to share this!

  9. 3 layers of wall paper - yuck!!!! I feel your pain. Our house had lots of 80's wallpaper when we moved in and I think they used super glue to adhere wall paper back then!

    Love the color choices on your head board!! Can't wait to see the entire room!!

    Love the driving story!! I HATE to drive big vehicles and that is sooo something that would happen to me!!

  10. Beautiful bed! Love the story and the final result...fantastic job!


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