October 02, 2011

Folding Table With a Story

I found this cute little table at our local thrift store and snapped it up right away - I could see it's potential for a little beach deck or really anywhere. Plus it would be a quick little project that I could whip off in an afternoon.

It was a steal at only $5.

How much trouble could this little table be?
Well, let me show you...

Lesson learned: DON'T wear your flip flops down uneven stairs while you balance an open can of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on top of your project!

I was alone or I would have taken a picture of me laying on the grass (plus I'm not a pretty cryer!)
Anyway it all worked out in the end - I added this cute little print from The Graphics Fairy to give it some more personality and it was suddenly all worth it!

So cute and...SOLD!


  1. over from the graphics fairy and I LOVE this table..So cute!
    I am now following you and would love if you popped over some time.

  2. What a travesty to dump that paint! lol

    The end results are so pretty, though. We were given a table similar to that one, but round. It's painted white and aqua.

    I'd love to know how to get the images from the Graphics Fairy onto a table. :) I'll have to google a tutorial!


  3. I love how this came out!! So darling! Thanks for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday! :) Hope to see you again soon!


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