October 11, 2011

Time WIll Tell...Feedback Please

Just before Thanksgiving a friend of mine invited me to attend an auction with her. Sounds like fun I said to myself and since my father-in-law was an auctioneer and has several times tried to teach me the lingo, I usually manage to know whats going on and not accidentaly overbid etc.
(I never successfully completed this process probably because there was wine involved!)

Anyway, I met her at the auction and it was pretty busy and we lost track of each other. To make a long story short, she left and I bought several items even though my intention was only to assist her with her purchases.

So then the challenge became how to sneak my purchases home without having my husband freak out over the addition of one more unfinished piece added to the line up waiting for my attention. It shouldn't be hard I mean after all, I only bid on a clock.

It's as old as the hills and has gorgeous details...

Oh did I mention it was a grandfather clock?
Ya, a little hard to hide!


I know many people would cringe at the thought of this (my mother) but I am considering painting this with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Does anyone have any thought or color suggestions for this? I would love to make it a real show piece that can be the focal point of  a room but still classy looking.
I would love some opinions on this! Let me know your thoughts....


  1. Have you used the chalk paint yet? I am dying to get my hands on some! I think it would look AMAZING painted!!


  2. What about old white in the details and the main parts in versaille? Then some dark wax for character.....just a suggestion!

  3. It'll be beautiful painted! I would go with white or grey and then lots of distressing. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

  4. Nice clock! I say No ... no chalk paint on this one. This is the original finish on this lovely clock, and it can be a show piece just the way it is. Clean it up and find just the right place for it. Think of it as a finished project, instead of a work in progress.

  5. Elisa, Your clock is gorgeous. I mean, to die for gorgeous, and yes, you cannot paint it. It is perfect as is. Mine was a knock off ( albiet a good one) made in china that I wanted to look less "done". Cingrats on your clock!


I LOVE reading your comments! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave me any kind of feedback!