November 20, 2011

Salon Christmas Decor

Today I was asked to get Madison Avenue Hair Designers ready for their Holiday Open House which is this Wednesday Nov. 23rd.

Does anyone else out there love the use of Hydrangeas in Chrismtas decorating or is it just me?
The colors are so beautiful!

All of my local readers and hair clientelle are welcome to come by
anytime between 4:00 and 8:00
Wednesday Nov.23rd
to enjoy some wine, appys,
great gift ideas and free draws!

114 2632 Pauline Street
Abbotsford, BC

 We hope to see you there!

November 15, 2011

Sleigh Ride

This is one of those perfect examples of why you should take a second look at old Christmas decorations before deciding that they are no longer "in style".
I found this little sleigh at our local second hand store and almost walked on by due to the fact that it was Green Navy and Gold...just a little outdated.

I really am dreaming of a vintage Christmas...I actually decorated the outside of my house today - lights and everything!
The neighbors are going to know that I'm no scrooge!

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But a little Annie Sloan and some imagination and...

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November 11, 2011

Christmas Blessings!

I have so much to post about and to be thankful for this week, and so little time to tell you all! I had one of those blessed weeks where all those things you were hoping for come together in a way that you can't believe!

I have been working my way out of my full-time position as a hair designer and spending more time focusing on my vintage projects and creative home art ideas.

My goal for awhile now has been to do this full time. I have been praying for someone in my city to open a vintage mall so that I could have my own space like Miss Mustard Seed and her Luckett's.
No luck!

Then, I approached someone that had an empty retail location about renting it out for the Christmas season.
Not practical - too much paperwork, permits, licenses etc etc for my liking - especially just for a 2 month endeavour.
Never mind the rent...too scary!

I stopped in for coffee the other day at a place I have been going to forever and began to talk to Kim - the lovely owner of Gourmet Gallery.

I wanted to know if she would consider having me bring in some of my vintage items to add them to her antique style gourmet coffee and lunch destination. Well, as we chatted we realized we needed each other!

Kim is one of those wonder-woman type ladies who takes on a lot and is an amazing business woman, baker, Barista, mother, wife, one-woman dynamo - well you know the type.

What Kim doesn't have time for is to give her location a bit of a face-lift and freshen up for Christmas. Although she would probably just stop sleeping if she could do get it all done.

Initially, we agreed I would rent out the back of her shop and redo it and call it my own little Home Sweet Nest area, but the more we talked and planned, the more excited we both got until Kim finally said:
"You know what? Forget the back corner and just help me do the whole store!" 
I think that's when we hugged and cried a little...

So, starting this weekend I have a space for my found treasures and creations, and validation of my talents and a renewed faith in the idea that things always work out the way they should!

Today I started by decorating for Christmas on the outside of Gourmet Gallery (in a torrential downpour).
I took the advice of Donna at Funky Junk and shopped my house for the decorations. Here is what I came up with;

So, tomorrow is the day that I move in all my indoor items...while she is open!
AND she is catering a party for 60 people tomorrow night (I told you she's wonder woman! Did I mention she is painting the gallery floors today?!
Sunday will be Christmas decorating - trees, lights, wreaths etc. and boxes and boxes of ornaments
and gift ware!
Wish me luck - I think my new life is about to start..sorry I have to run now - have a few things to paint!
(I know - I'm kind of a last minute girl!)

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November 10, 2011

Elegant Dresser Elegant Picture!

I wanted to share my latest re-do and the accesory that just made the moment! I found this little gem at a second hand store for $60.

I started sanding and removing paint and decided that in this case it would be better to take this piece back to its original state rather than paint it another color.

My two favorite handy Ryobi orbital sander and my Super Remover - works great and low odor! My lovely hydrangeas are drying in the background as per Funky Junk Donna instructions!

Now the two tricky parts - the top of the dresser had a good size split in it and...the bottom drawer closes a little too far.

the bottom drawer closes a little too far..

So a little wood filler and an extra support piece installed under the top fixed that problem and the drawer was also an easy fix.

Another sanding and some clear protector and ta da..

Now - for a piece this elegant -
you need elegant one-of-a-kind art!
So, a quick call to Picaso to make a few changes to the
Mona Lisa - Charlie looks quite comfortable on her lap
- don't you think?

Thanks for checking out our antique dresser and
our new high end art!
Have a great day!

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November 04, 2011

Vintage Suitcases

I think I might be obsessed with vintage suitcases and trunks...and the inability to leave them as I find them!

My favorite treatment is vintage or scrapbook paper. They seem to be a big hit for baby and kids rooms. They make great storage for clothes that don't fit your little one yet.
They're also a great prop for baby photo shoots!

I'm currently working on a Christmas storage's a beauty - stay tuned for pics of that one!

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