November 10, 2011

Elegant Dresser Elegant Picture!

I wanted to share my latest re-do and the accesory that just made the moment! I found this little gem at a second hand store for $60.

I started sanding and removing paint and decided that in this case it would be better to take this piece back to its original state rather than paint it another color.

My two favorite handy Ryobi orbital sander and my Super Remover - works great and low odor! My lovely hydrangeas are drying in the background as per Funky Junk Donna instructions!

Now the two tricky parts - the top of the dresser had a good size split in it and...the bottom drawer closes a little too far.

the bottom drawer closes a little too far..

So a little wood filler and an extra support piece installed under the top fixed that problem and the drawer was also an easy fix.

Another sanding and some clear protector and ta da..

Now - for a piece this elegant -
you need elegant one-of-a-kind art!
So, a quick call to Picaso to make a few changes to the
Mona Lisa - Charlie looks quite comfortable on her lap
- don't you think?

Thanks for checking out our antique dresser and
our new high end art!
Have a great day!

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  1. Great job restoring the beautiful wood on that dresser!

  2. Visiting from Miss Mustard Seed...What a great transformation! So nice to see nonpainted furniture. What a refreshing change.


  3. Visiting from Miss Mustard Seed - It's lovely! The wood grain is amazing.

  4. I love it. It's so beautiful in it's natural state. I have come across a couple of these dressers and they always sell for me very quickly. I love them. I'm happy to see you didn't paint it! It is bold but beautiful. I would be honored to have you link this up to my VIP party today =)

  5. WOW!!! It's beautiful!! Great job! The wood grain is stunning!


  6. That looks beautiful, that wood grain is just to beautiful to paint. You did an amazing job restoring it.

  7. This is gorgeous! I like how you didn't paint it!

  8. wow...such beautiful grain...aren't you happy you stripped it rather than painted it? Well done!

  9. I found a dresser on CL that I got for around the same price. Mine is tiger oak, too, and I can't wait until we get around to stripping her because I am dying to see her stripes!

    Great job and thanks for sharing your favorite stripper!

    The Lavender Magnolia

  10. A really beautiful piece, nicely done! And would you mind passing along DaVinci's number, I'd like to get him to do a painting with my doggie too ;)

  11. holy smokes. that turned out gorgeous! looove tiger oak. great job!

  12. I usually prefer painted furniture..not this piece. GORGEOUS! And I really like the art too.visiting from mms

  13. Such beautiful wood grain. I'm glad you didn't paint it. Thanks for sharing at Sunday's Best =)

  14. I am in love with the fact that you didn't repaint it. I have a similar dresser that I stripped and let the wood grain shine through and I love it. Cute artwork!

  15. This turned out amazing!! I love the's hilarious : )

  16. Gorgeous! I am so glad you didn't repaint it!

  17. WOW! You did a fabulous job here! Im dying over the artwork!! Ha Ha Ha I too have a golden doodle named jack and that looks JUST like him:) Deidre~

  18. You don't find quarter sawn oak that often, especially in great shape. I'm glad you didn't paint it. Looks great.

  19. We have a beautiful tiger oak dresser in the living room as a TV stand. The drawers are excellent for movie storage.

  20. That wood is stunning. Thank you for sharing. I did decide to paint my dresser


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