December 31, 2011

Holiday Recap

Happy New Year's Eve! This is my last post of 2011 (obviously) and I just wanted to share a little montage of pics that I have saved and not used as well as brag a little bit about the wonderful non-traditional Christmas gifts I received this year...that are sure to make my DIY life even more exciting and productive!

My husband knows me well...the guy at Home Hardware was a little bit scared for him though lol.
I'm not sure why I thought I had to do the guy pose for this picture but I just need to get comfortable using them.

I dressed our window boxes outside the house in pine, cedar and vintage light fixtures with mini lights inside of them.

I have a thing right now with vintage light covers...on top of armoires, as outside mood lights, and mantle accents. Pretty much anywhere near a wall outlet!

A holiday inspired welcome at our front door...

We had alot of company over the holidays so I decorated our guest rooms a little more than usual by making a Christmas night light out of an old suitcase. Pine cones and wicker balls poured over a strand of Christmas lights and a few little vintage accessories and ta da! Christmas night light!

My daughters boyfriend said he felt like he was staying in a theme room at the West Edmonton Mall...not sure if that was a compliment but I'll take what I can get for comments.

Although I haven't had a lot of time over the holidays to complete any new projects I did find time to shop for them. I have a stockpile of great furniture pieces to work on with my new tools and am really excited to get going, so stay tuned for some great before and afters.

Wishing all of you a very Happy Creative Peaceful New Year...see you soon!

December 24, 2011

Peace On Earth

Merry Christmas to my family, friends and new blog friends. I cannot thank you all enough for your encouragement and kind comments. As a new blogger and DIYer you have inspired me and helped me to focus on the activities that bring me a feeling of peace and contentment. "I just want to make the world prettier!"  I am looking forward to all the new experiences 2012 is sure to bring as I branch out and hopefully inspire others to make their nest a happy place.

December 12, 2011

MANLY Christmas Tree

So as the woman of the house I get final say on the decorating - Christmas and otherwise. 
This is an unspoken rule after 17 years together and most of my girlfriends have the same privilege at their house, although not all of them. (You have to train them to do this).

One friend (who will remain nameless)used to alternate years with her husband when it came time to put up the Christmas tree. He likes colored lights and tinsel and she like white lights without the tacky stuff.

Last year she actually traded "favors" to have her way two years in a!
Don't feel sorry for him - he could have said no...but he didn't.
Anyway that's a whole other blog.
But it did get me thinking about what a real men's Christmas tree would look like. Or could look like with a little bit of a "Funky Junk" twist.

It could start with something sturdy with no fluff, but tree this beautiful piece of lumber...

I would have to make the decorations out of something manly this old garden tool - with the perfect star attached to you see it yet?

I gathered up some other rusty, manly looking bits and pieces...(not those kind of bits and pieces!)..this post is a little dirtier than I had anticipated especially for a Christmas post...
Old bed springs, rusted concrete brackets etc.

antique nails

Some cute manly little miniature tools,

I even kept the brackets off the garden tool for the legs on the back (no wasting here!)

First have a man at your house sand down the board - even men don't like slivers.
You could do this part yourself, but the tree is for them and a woman thought of it - I mean geez do we have to do everything?!
My son Austin was helping me today - we had alot of fun doing this together!

Next add your collection of manly bits to the tree - just like you would on any other tree.
I made a couple of angels out of various pieces - it still has to look Christmasy after all...

Don't forget your "garland"!

Saving that star thing for the top!


See - Charlie likes it and he's a boy!

This particular tree is going to spend the season at a fantastic store here in Abbotsford called LAunch Menswear.

Don't forget to consider your man when decorating this season!

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December 10, 2011

Christmas Mantel and Memories

Warning: there is an excessive, almost annoying use of Picasa Image Editing in this post! It's awesome and free so treat yourself and download it if you haven't already! You can take even the worst photo and crop, tint, edit etc. and turn it into a work of art! I played with it alot tonight!
Our Christmas 2011 mantle is complete and has all my favorite decorating elements of this year...homemade vintage style sign, an old light finial,

Christmas in a bottle, sparkly bound books,

Old silverware

and dried hydrangeas.
We kept our tree simple with burlap garland, dried hydrangeas, white lights and antique sheet music horns. Since this was the eighth tree I've decorated this year keeping it simple just seemed like the way to go.

I was almost burnt out on decorating after doing the trees at several of our local stores and one hair salon. 
However there was no way I could skimp out on my own house so the main floor is now done and the bedrooms are tomorrow's task.
This is the the little present box I made for small gifts and cards. I love it's simplicity. The graphic is from The Graphics Fairy.

This is my wreath collection in the front hall...I just feel they have more impact as a collective group.

Our end-of-hall armoire also serves as my very fancy linen closet as our house is older and we don't have an obvious place to keep the vacuum, light bulbs and swiffer etc. This is the best way I know to store big ugly things and still have your house look somewhat classy...

There are a couple of stories behind this particular vignette that I just love. The picture to the left of the armoire is my mom and grandma the two years before I was born, shopping in downtown Vancouver.
It's one of my favorite photos of all time as they look so classy in their fur-trimmed coats, beautiful shoes and happy smiles.

My mother recalls her black pumps to be a real splurge that she was very excited to own.
They were and are both such beautiful women, inside and out and I love the way this picture captures their spirit and their happy day!

The other interesting story behind my hallway is the chair below the picture. The chair has been in my family for years.
When my mother was a little girl, a missionary lady named Miss Ridley who was working in China came to stay with my great grandparents family in Penticton BC when she was home from the mission field.
Miss Ridley, for whatever reason brought her own chair on the ship - whether this was required or she just brought it home as one of her few belongings, I don't know.
However I have inherited the chair after years of seeing it at my grandparents house. Although I am usually not a huge fan of Oriental antiques I love the history behind this piece and the thought of this little missionary woman riding for perhaps weeks on a huge ship while sitting on this little chair.

Have a wonderful time decorating your own homes this holiday season.
Remember beautiful spaces create beautiful minds!

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December 07, 2011

Bistro Set

Coffee Time! I wanted to share the photos of this cute and easy little make-over with you. I neglected to take a before picture (sorry) but if you can picture ugly chipped up yellowy white metal with a truly terrible yellow, orange, green and white vinyl seat cover, you've pretty much got it figured out.

A quick Rustoleum spray paint and a vintage coffee sack for seat covers and ta da! I love it!

Please excuse the Christmas tree etc in the background - the pictures were taken at the last minute before the happy customer picked it up!

 Now, I'm going to make some coffee....

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