December 31, 2011

Holiday Recap

Happy New Year's Eve! This is my last post of 2011 (obviously) and I just wanted to share a little montage of pics that I have saved and not used as well as brag a little bit about the wonderful non-traditional Christmas gifts I received this year...that are sure to make my DIY life even more exciting and productive!

My husband knows me well...the guy at Home Hardware was a little bit scared for him though lol.
I'm not sure why I thought I had to do the guy pose for this picture but I just need to get comfortable using them.

I dressed our window boxes outside the house in pine, cedar and vintage light fixtures with mini lights inside of them.

I have a thing right now with vintage light covers...on top of armoires, as outside mood lights, and mantle accents. Pretty much anywhere near a wall outlet!

A holiday inspired welcome at our front door...

We had alot of company over the holidays so I decorated our guest rooms a little more than usual by making a Christmas night light out of an old suitcase. Pine cones and wicker balls poured over a strand of Christmas lights and a few little vintage accessories and ta da! Christmas night light!

My daughters boyfriend said he felt like he was staying in a theme room at the West Edmonton Mall...not sure if that was a compliment but I'll take what I can get for comments.

Although I haven't had a lot of time over the holidays to complete any new projects I did find time to shop for them. I have a stockpile of great furniture pieces to work on with my new tools and am really excited to get going, so stay tuned for some great before and afters.

Wishing all of you a very Happy Creative Peaceful New Year...see you soon!


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