December 12, 2011

MANLY Christmas Tree

So as the woman of the house I get final say on the decorating - Christmas and otherwise. 
This is an unspoken rule after 17 years together and most of my girlfriends have the same privilege at their house, although not all of them. (You have to train them to do this).

One friend (who will remain nameless)used to alternate years with her husband when it came time to put up the Christmas tree. He likes colored lights and tinsel and she like white lights without the tacky stuff.

Last year she actually traded "favors" to have her way two years in a!
Don't feel sorry for him - he could have said no...but he didn't.
Anyway that's a whole other blog.
But it did get me thinking about what a real men's Christmas tree would look like. Or could look like with a little bit of a "Funky Junk" twist.

It could start with something sturdy with no fluff, but tree this beautiful piece of lumber...

I would have to make the decorations out of something manly this old garden tool - with the perfect star attached to you see it yet?

I gathered up some other rusty, manly looking bits and pieces...(not those kind of bits and pieces!)..this post is a little dirtier than I had anticipated especially for a Christmas post...
Old bed springs, rusted concrete brackets etc.

antique nails

Some cute manly little miniature tools,

I even kept the brackets off the garden tool for the legs on the back (no wasting here!)

First have a man at your house sand down the board - even men don't like slivers.
You could do this part yourself, but the tree is for them and a woman thought of it - I mean geez do we have to do everything?!
My son Austin was helping me today - we had alot of fun doing this together!

Next add your collection of manly bits to the tree - just like you would on any other tree.
I made a couple of angels out of various pieces - it still has to look Christmasy after all...

Don't forget your "garland"!

Saving that star thing for the top!


See - Charlie likes it and he's a boy!

This particular tree is going to spend the season at a fantastic store here in Abbotsford called LAunch Menswear.

Don't forget to consider your man when decorating this season!

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