September 23, 2012

Spruce Collective

 Picture by Cristal at Level 6 Images
 First let me apologize for the serious lack of blogging lately....disgusting! Now let me show you what I've been busy with...
Spruce Collective is now open!

The girls and I are thrilled at all the wonderful comments that we have received during our first week! Everyone has been so kind and encouraging - it has made all the hard work so worth it!

Picture by Cristal Level 6 Images
Special Note: YES we all get along and no we don't fight. Everyone is loving and supportive of each other so please stop asking us. You wouldn't ask a group of men that would you?
You'll someday see us in Entrepreneur Magazine doing a special report on women working together - mark my words on it!

We are also so thankful for your patience with our debit machine issues - many of you have been having a good laugh at our vintage credit card machine! This was not an intentional style decision but we seem to have everything working now! One of those frustrating growing pains! (I also aged myself this week by being the only one that knew how to use it)...hehehehe. Stop laughing now.
Anyway - the store looks beautiful - and we have also received our order of
Cece Caldwell Chalk and Clay Paint!
The creative projects will be starting up right away!

Like this table painted in Blue Montana Sky.
We will also be offering a number of creative of classes each month in our beautiful workshop! Our class schedule is available online here: Classes

We've been joking that if we were "Sister Wives" we would have the most beautiful house in Abbotsford! lol (we're not).
We get along better than them too...

We were flattered to have Cindy from Creating at Home blog about us this week - please check out her page for more beautiful pictures!


August 19, 2012

Vintage Styling For Playtime

The Spruce Collective team is made up of mommies in all stages of life. Between the five of us, we have ten children from "not born yet" to 23 years!

Being so in touch with that part of life has given us the wisdom to turn some of our potential storage space at the new store into a playroom for little people to enjoy themselves.
As we work hard to design a creative, inspiring atmosphere we want to cater to our young moms as well as their little ones. So, as I painted the floor today in that area of the store, I was daydreaming about how the finished area will look...
These are a few ideas in my mind and up for well as a few pictures that have inspired me this week.

Also, remember these? Weren't they the best?

What are your favorite toys from back in the day?

August 09, 2012


I have been hinting at my big announcement for a couple of weeks now and have probably kept you hanging for long enough! So, rather than continue to hint, let me present the next chapter of my life…a bricks and mortar storefront!

Spruce Collective
is the collaboration between;
Kevi of Twig Home
Monica of Red Wicker
Jessica from Trove Vintage Rentals and Handmade Affairs
 Lily from Birch and Bird 
and myself and we couldn’t be more excited!!!

A retail shop full of all things vintage and well loved, handmade goods from local artisans, our favourite new products, a certain line of paint (to be announced!) and creative classes for all!

We cannot wait to dig in and get started and have so many big plans that I am just itching to share with you. Spruce will open early this fall (eek!) in Downtown Abbotsford and we have a lot to do before then, although most of it is fun…once we get all of the boring but oh-so-necessary business bits behind us. I am beyond thrilled to partner up with these amazing ladies!

If I look at the about me section on my sidebar to the right I notice that I wrote "I am excited to share my decorating adventures with you and hope to do this as a full-time career some day! (how's that for optimistic?) !!"

That was less than a year ago!! I have had a lot of exciting opportunities since then - including several vintage markets, the development of many good friendships, and valuable contacts and mentors. So far this journey has been amazing and now it feels like this opportunity is the icing on the cake!

We are all just bursting at the seams with excitement and creative ideas. Can you tell I’m freaking out? The idea of working with that many creatives on a daily basis is a huge dream come true for me and although it’s happening crazy fast I know it was meant to be! The details have fallen into place in a most amazing way - even the way we found our new space in was unbelievable!! We will be located in the former Quilt Essentials building on Montrose Ave. in Abbotsford - right next to Serendipitea and up the street from Tracey Cakes....oh oh (must stay on my diet) lol.

Our logo and website are being “spruced” up (hehe) as we speak but for now you can stay tuned on our shiny new Facebook page…and I’ll be sharing lots here too, of course!

August 04, 2012

SIdeboard Love

Happy long weekend to all my BC friends! Our weather is beautiful here this weekend and I am taking full advantage of it by strolling around our local farmers market and lovely downtown area.

This is my best find of the week - and I'm so excited to transform it into something really special.
I'm quite excited to get started...and have been enjoying all the inspiring pictures online.


And a little sideboard inspiration..

Miss Mustard Seed

What's your favorite style?
Do you have a color of the month that you love working with?

Have a wonderful weekend and be sure to check back this week for a HUGE announcement! See you then!

July 24, 2012


Wow - congratulations to me!
I've hit 200 face book's quite exciting to me!

Just to give home sweet nest update - I'll have VERY BIG news to share with you all very soon! I'm so excited I can hardly think straight!'s good news for you too!

In the mean time...don't forget to like home sweet nest on don't want to miss the big announcement!

July 23, 2012

Sweet Salvage Trip

I remember when I first started blogging,
I would notice other bloggers would go MIA
from their posting every once in awhile
 and I thought -
wow I would never do that!

I love blogging - why would anyone need a break?!

Well now I understand - this has been a really busy summer and I have slacked off a little but I'm ok with that!

Let me show you what I've been up to...
I just got back last night from one of my little holidays and I am so excited to share it with you now that I'm home!

I went to Scottsdale AZ with Carrie from
The Passionate Home in Langley, and we had the best weekend!

We went down to to the Sweet Salvage Show -
a monthly vintage market that is hosted by
 Kim Rawlins and Katie Hobbs.

These are two of the nicest women I have met on my vintage journey and even though we showed up on their busiest day of the month they took the time to allow Carrie and I to "interview" them
all about their fantastic market!

 Well, I interviewed them - Carrie was off somewhere fooling around -
who does she think she is?!
The ladies put on a four-day show once a month
in a huge warehouse in Phoenix.
Every month is a different theme, which is how they
keep things looking fresh.

This months theme was "Now Showing" and was a tribute to vintage movies and shows -

 everything from Breakfast at Tiffany's...

 to Alice in Wonderland...

It was amazing! Except for Carrie - still fooling around...
Here she is still fooling around - thinking I won't notice,
cause she's blending into the background...

She's lucky I don't fire her...

Back to the beautiful pictures...

Vintage cute!

beautiful displays...

creative merchandising...

Oh, and just when I thought I would switch to video and give you a true feel for the show...she was still fooling around!

Thanks for stopping by - and if you're in the Phoenix area be sure to check out the monthly show at Sweet Salvage!