January 28, 2012

Nice Legs Shame About Her Face

Remember that song by The Monks?
"Nice legs...shame about her face!"
If you remember that famous song line, you may want to click here for a little dance
down memory lane!

Well, here are the legs I'm talking about - great detail - I love this shape!
And here..."Shame about her face..."

Anyway - onto the real purpose of this post...

Her legs do need "a little help" but her face - yuck.
A real dog!
This "face" got a little help from an orbital sander and once I got impatient, I confess I got out the belt sander. The grain of the wood turned out to be beautiful and didn't deserve to be painted! But it did need something...

You know those pretty girls that look great with very little makeup? Just a little mascara and lipstick and they're good to go?
Well, consider this Sharpie Paint Pen lettering her mascara. I found the Nest graphic at Graphic Fairy.

This is her Minwax Lipstick... a nice glossy coating and her "face" is ready to go!

Look at the wood grain! Her pores are flawless - a real Cover girl I tell ya!

Now about her legs...stay tuned - I had a little incident here as the skirting and legs were apparently oil based. Now here is a tip for you...

ASCP does not stick well to oil based paint!

See the Graphite and how well it didn't stick when I went to sand it? Don't look at my messy background!

So,  after I finished wiping off ALL of the paint I had applied...argghhh I decided the best plan of attack would be to use a spray paint which adheres really well to this kind of slick surface.
SO, then of course it started to rain, then it snowed and now it's raining again and I am dieing to finish it but have nowhere to spray inside and so I wait...and wait...

Did you know that Vancouver BC is actually technically part of a rain forest?! Not lying - if you don't believe me click here.

Update: Feb. 4, 2012

Ok the rain has stopped and here is the finished picture!

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It's A Small World!

Some of you may remember this chair from a post that I wrote around Christmas time.

Click here for the original post.

I received the most interesting letter from a gentleman in Australia about this post and I thought I would share it today. It was one for those letters that leaves you in amazement at how small the world is and also the amazing power of the Internet!

This Asian styled chair below is the subject of the email I received....

This is the email I recently received:

Isn't that amazing - wow the power of Google! 

I'm so glad that Rod took the time to write - what's your small world story?

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January 24, 2012

Gentlemen's Dresser

We've all seen these dressers - curved front and great detailing on the sides and bottom. I was feeling like those features get lost with the entire finish being the same so I decided to highlight those areas on this piece.
Almost forgot to take a before picture....again!

I've been looking back over my recent pictures and feel like alot of my pieces lately seem to have a somewhat feminine flavor and wanted to try my hand at a different look.

I used ASCP Old Ochre and Graphite and dark wax over the Graphite and a mix of clear and dark wax on the Old Ochre.

A lovely handsome little knob sets the masculine tone.

This dresser is for sale at a fantastic men's boutique here in Abbotsford called Launch Menswear. It's a men's fashion store that also has an contemporary on-line  menswear shop.

The dresser is accented with a vintage red cross box.
(Label from Graphics Fairy).

Thanks for checking in - does anyone else feel like they tend to get in the habit of decorating or refinishing in too "girly" of a style?

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January 23, 2012

Blanket Box

This is a quick little makeover for this solid little blanket box that I found at the Vancouver Salvation Army.

It's perfect for storing extra blankets and pillows in a guest room - not too big and not too small.. And believe me with the weather we're having lately you need extra blankets!

Wool blankets are my favorite!

I gave the trunk a quick coat of Old White and used a mix of light and dark wax on it.

I love this cute little crown image from The Graphics Fairy.

Thanks for checking out my latest project! Have a warm and wonderful day!

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January 20, 2012

Apartment Therapy


I am so excited to say that I have been featured on Apartment Therapy!

Who would have thought that my vintage dresser would be the chosen post...after all the time I spend painting, I get noticed for my stripping...not that kind tee hee...although I am dancing around the living room tonight in excitement!
I'm so flattered as I haven't quite achieved 100 followers yet so I believe that technically makes me a "newbie" still. Thank you Apartment Therapy for noticing me and thank you to all of my fellow bloggers and commentors for all your encouragment! I really do appreciate it!

You can click the picture below to see the article.


January 19, 2012

Junk for Jewels

One of my favorite things to do is make something out of something else...hahaha, ya that made sense!
Let me try again...
I like to take some piece of junk, or piece of a piece of furniture, and give it a purpose - use it for something that it wasn't intended for.
Most times if you see me holding something sideways or upside down it's because I'm trying to figure out what it should be in it's next life.... This project is the perfect example. Do you know what these are?

How about now that it's technically upside down?

How about now?

I keep finding this piece by itself - no dresser- no mirror, all alone. I think it deserves to be something!
A little sanding, a little Old White, a little wood detail and some well-placed hooks...

And some jewelry that needed a better place to hang out than in my closet where it got tangled something fierce!

I love the way this turned out and think that most jewelry shouldn't be hidden away when it's not being worn.

I also believe I'll wear my pieces a lot more once I get them all hung up and I can actually see what I have.

They're super easy, fun and a lot better than throwing out those solid wood pieces!

What have you made into something else lately?

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