January 28, 2012

Nice Legs Shame About Her Face

Remember that song by The Monks?
"Nice legs...shame about her face!"
If you remember that famous song line, you may want to click here for a little dance
down memory lane!

Well, here are the legs I'm talking about - great detail - I love this shape!
And here..."Shame about her face..."

Anyway - onto the real purpose of this post...

Her legs do need "a little help" but her face - yuck.
A real dog!
This "face" got a little help from an orbital sander and once I got impatient, I confess I got out the belt sander. The grain of the wood turned out to be beautiful and didn't deserve to be painted! But it did need something...

You know those pretty girls that look great with very little makeup? Just a little mascara and lipstick and they're good to go?
Well, consider this Sharpie Paint Pen lettering her mascara. I found the Nest graphic at Graphic Fairy.

This is her Minwax Lipstick... a nice glossy coating and her "face" is ready to go!

Look at the wood grain! Her pores are flawless - a real Cover girl I tell ya!

Now about her legs...stay tuned - I had a little incident here as the skirting and legs were apparently oil based. Now here is a tip for you...

ASCP does not stick well to oil based paint!

See the Graphite and how well it didn't stick when I went to sand it? Don't look at my messy background!

So,  after I finished wiping off ALL of the paint I had applied...argghhh I decided the best plan of attack would be to use a spray paint which adheres really well to this kind of slick surface.
SO, then of course it started to rain, then it snowed and now it's raining again and I am dieing to finish it but have nowhere to spray inside and so I wait...and wait...

Did you know that Vancouver BC is actually technically part of a rain forest?! Not lying - if you don't believe me click here.

Update: Feb. 4, 2012

Ok the rain has stopped and here is the finished picture!

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  1. Love the lettering on top! Who would have guessed a Sharpie is the secret weapon!??

    1. Actually Bronwyn...just so I'm not responsible for a big's a Sharpie PAINT pen, totally different from a normal Sharpie! You can get them at Michael's.

  2. Oh well, so far the top looks good and you have clean clothes. ~ Maureen

  3. Talk about your cliff hangers! I can not wait to see the finished product. Curses, weather man! Seriously, you did the lettering with a Sharpie?! Too cool.

  4. Wow. The top is simply gorgeous. I love it! Can't wait to see what you do with the legs!

  5. Loving it, I'm a leg girl myself so can't wait to see the outcome. So face her face has been don!e nicely up! Great makeup artist. It is a small world, so cool you received the information on the chair. How cool is that! Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration at Sunday's Best Party!


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