January 07, 2012

World Wide Travelling Antique Hunter

I am excited to announce that I have discovered a new hunting ground for my used furniture items - and it's in a whole other country!
Now don't get too excited for me - it's not like I'm jetting off to the orient or to Europe or anything...

The Canada / US border runs right through the city I live in! So while I drive along with a Tim Horton's double double in my hand, I like to pretend I am some sort of world travelling antique and vintage dealer...ya I know really exotic right?! hahaha

Side note: My daughter and I were coming thorough the Canadian Border one time and her passport was expired. The border guard actually asked her what a "double double" was as proof of citizenship! True story I swear!
For my American followers that might not be familiar with the term "double double" it's basically a coffee with two cream and two sugar from our most famous coffee chain named after a Canadian hockey player.

Anyway, on my last jaunt to the US I picked up the really great, solid HEAVY desk.

I had a little trouble with this one. For the first time ever I was waxing the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint I had applied to the side of it and as I polished the wax, the paint was coming off on my cloth! argghhh
I had to remove all the paint, sand it down and start over again. Very frustrating but necessary.

The drawers on top are old white and the base of the desk was done in a Primer Red.

I love this color combination and this red looks great with a coat of dark wax over top.

Here he is finished in his temporary home at Gourmet Gallery.

I say HE because this color combination looks slightly masculine to me and this is something I need to do from time to time as I tend to gravitate towards really feminine color combinations.

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  1. The desk looks wonderful!

    My brother had the same desk growing up. My mother painting it red.


  2. I would agree - He's a "HE". :) Fabulous work! And thanks for enlightening this US citizen on a "double double" - haha!

  3. Hey Elisa,
    Thanks for stopping by my new blog and the lovely comment. Do you know what was up with the ASCP coming off with the wax? I've just never had that happen before and I don't want to.. What a pain! He's very handsome ;). - Susan

    1. Hi Susan;
      I believe that the original finish was just a little too shiny and polished. Although it was ASCP it probably still should have been sanded down a little. That's my guess anyway. Thanks for the commment!


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