February 20, 2012


I see an asortment of these silver chafing dish holders all the time at second hand stores and honestly it's been driving me crazy trying to figure out what I can use them for - they usually have such great features and a beautiful patina. However the lid or glass dish insert is almost always missing.

Well, it finally came to me...if you turn it upside down... and look at the feet, they look like....

Now - what do I want to hang on the hook? Hmm...maybe some of the aprons I've been collecting due the fact that I've been inspired by this fantastic little magazine from Stampington and Co. called Apronology!

"The premier issue of apron•ology shows off accessorizing with a twist — or rather a tie. This new publication flirts with the many uses and looks of the apron. While you may notice your grandmother’s vintage linens, handkerchiefs or embroidery in these pages, your breath will also be taken away by looks with leather, bright colors, rhinestones, and tulle. The contemporary apron is hot and can do more than keep you clean. These beautiful creations are fit to be worn in the kitchen or on the runway. Pick up a copy to create your own timeless and personal piece of fashion."

OK now I have a plan...
So...I found a nice little piece of lumber with routered edges and gave it a couple of coats of ASCP Provence.

Printed out the title of my new little reading addiction.. IN MIRROR IMAGE.

Used the Mod Podge method to transfer it to the board...

Then I did a little distressing, and some waxing and then added the beautiful little feet!

One on each side....I'm seriously looooving these little shiny pieces of art!!

Perfect! These apron hangers will be available in my booth along Vintage Alley at the Fraser Valley Women's Show!

Does anyone else have an apron fetish?

How do you display yours?

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  1. Brilliant idea! How did you attach the hooks to the board? ~ Maureen

    1. Gorilla Glue Epoxy - the one with the two tubes that mix through a syringe applicator! 5 minutes - totally dry!

  2. WOW... You're a genius! What a wonderfully clever re-purpose! And the apron ology... VIOLA! Great job!
    and aprons... I got me a nice collection of them too!

  3. That is seriously AWESOME! I've been trying to come up with a way to repurpose one that I picked up. Great repurpose!

  4. I think I might use this idea for towel hangers in the bath redo! Great idea :)

  5. What a wonderful idea! I love that you re-purposed this item. Very Creative.

  6. Looking at things from a new perspective is such a fun aspect of creativity. Way to go! (I like apronology too)
    "Kiss Me I'm Irish" linky party now open.

  7. Beautiful, Elisa!!! I have 2 aprons that I LOVE and have been thinking of hanging in the kitchen!I am learning so much from your blog, thank you!!

  8. So cute.I'd love to see what creative things you do with the rest of the chafing dish especially the ring at the top.

  9. What a neat idea. Enjoying looking through your pages.


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