February 01, 2012

Burning Both Ends

"In one way, I suppose, I have been 'in denial' for some time, knowingly burning the candle at both ends and finding that it often gives a lovely light."

Christopher Hitchens
Elisa Robertson
Ok well maybe Christopher said it first but I for sure can sympathize with him. It's been a little bit of a trying week - some of the significant people in my life are going through some tough times and would you believe I can't fix things for them?! Quite shocking I know! I'm still at a stage in my life where I am learning to accept that. I confess that I used to be am quite a control freak.

I find it heart breaking to watch the people I love go through tough times. I'm working on being a better listener and less of a "let me fix that for you" or "what you should do is..." type of person.

Anyway, I spent some time making some gifts for those people... Cause if you can't fix their problems maybe you can make their surroundings prettier right?

So if you receive a gift from me this week, you know I love you and am thinking of you and so this is what I made...

Turns out that this is such an addicting little craft that I made enough to retail at Paper Nation so I needed to make a display for them which is where this cute little suitcase came in...

The inside was too ugly for a picture - ripped blue satin and a smashed up mirror...
But not anymore!

Hopefully the rest of these are purchased for people that need a nice little gift this week...
they were made with love.

Have you done something kind for someone you love this week?

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  1. Those are so cute and reasonably priced! They will sell for sure I would guess. I would love to make something like that:)

  2. Those candles are beautiful! I would love a tutorial! I hope your weeks gets better. :-)

  3. Love your sweet candles and the fabulous way you have chosen to display them. Thanks so much for following my blog.

  4. Very lovely candles! Over the last year, I have worked on controlling my "let me fix that for you" compulsion and just listen with sympathy. Oddly, the world goes on without my help! ~ Maureen

  5. Not only are these candles really really lovely, I love how you displayed them! SWOON!

    Shared on Fji Facebook and pinned for SNS 119. :)


  6. Do you sell these wholesale, would love to chat with you!!! LOVE THEM!!! If so please email me

  7. Yes, would love to know how you made these. Such a pretty idea.

  8. Those candles are beautiful! I would love a tutorial!

  9. So darling~ love them and the way you have displayed them! Thanks for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday!

  10. lovely candles, and I really adore what you did with the vintage suitcase!
    your newest follower

  11. Wonderful candles and great suitcase! Thank you for sharing this at Potpourri Friday!

  12. Very pretty candles, I really like the one with the key! Also really like how you displayed them. Very creative. Thanks for sharing you creative inspiration at Sunday's Best Par.tay

  13. Hi, Elisa!
    I know you are busy preparing for the Vintage Fair!!!
    I hope you will some of these candles for sale!!!!
    I love them!!!
    I love myself (hahahahahaaha, I want them for ME) but I also have some close friends that need some love...
    I actually have a friend that says burning a candle "burns" the bad energy and helps creating a fresh air in the house!
    I am exploring your site, loving it!


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