February 22, 2012

Chair Art

If any of you have received the latest issue of
Flea Market Style you will have noticed the terrific article about repurposing chair parts.
It was so inspiring I got to work on my chair collection right away. And I do mean collection - I'm a lucky girl and have enough friends that think of me when they see orphaned furniture
 that I have quite a good collection.
(That sounded better than admitting once again that I hoard furniture didn't it?!)
This is my unpainted collection....look at them all lined up for their's like a beauty pageant!

This is the winner of the first makeover! For the low price of $5 I didn't mind doing a little sawing etc. on her.

 I removed her legs as she isn't going to need them anymore where she is going and then we did a little lyposuction on her bottom!

Now I didn't want to leave her insides showing so I hid them with this little board that I had lying around - I wanted to use one of her original pieces but none of them were quite the right fit.

Now just like a beauty contestant has a sash - I wanted this girl to have a message - something meaningful and perhaps exotic - in a foreign language -
like French perhaps.
So I printed out the chosen phrase in mirror image....

I painted her in ASCP Old White and applied her wording with the paint as well. I got a little impatient and dried it with my heat gun - like an air brush for makeup right?

And here she comes... Miss France!

In case anyone is wondering what she is trying to say, allow me to translate.
Miss France's answer
to the skill testing question is.....

"I was a chair."

I don't know why but I find that incredibly funny!

I guess because it's so simple and rather then hunt through a tonne of graphic choices or put a french address on her or one of the hundred possibilities its just so...simple and a beauty contestant.
hahhahahhaha I crack me up!

"I was a chair and if I win the contest -
I will strive to bring world peace. Or at least make your home a little cuter in my new life as a beautiful shelf.
Thank You."

Although I have staged her here sitting on a mantel and table she also has the ability to hang on the wall.
That's her talent. lmao

I'm on a role now - wait till you see
the next chair project - it's a keeper!!
Here is a sneak peek...
Alot of work on this one!

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  1. Cute, cute! And I love it on the mantle!!

  2. I've seen a few chair to shelf pic's, but yours has to be one of the best. Turned out really cute.


  3. Very clever! I have a bad habit of collecting side chairs and wind up with more chairs than room for them. ~ Maureen

  4. Brilliant! I have a bunch of chairs too. I may have to give this a try. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. What a cute idea I love it! I'm a new LF follower hope you will stop by my place and follow my thrifty kitchen reno. Thanks for sharing such a cute idea.

  6. This is beautiful, what a great idea!

  7. Hi, Elisa!!!
    Loved your blog! You inspired me to start mine, I will keep you posted!
    I loved this post about the chair, hahahahahaahaha!
    I can't wait to see the next project!

  8. That's a great idea! How do you apply the wording with paint? Do you need the toner based ink? Will have to give that a try!


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