March 31, 2012

Bread Maker Makeover

Have you seen all the great Kitchen Aide mixers
decorated with vinyl on Pinterest lately?
So inspiring and a fun little project to do on a rainy day...

I love this one from The Diary of Dave's Wife...
Which inspired me to do something with
my daughter's bread maker.
It never fails when she needs our good old never-fail family recipe for this appliance we can't find it and she has to phone her grandma to get it.

So, the perfect excuse to use my Silhouette Vinyl Cutter!
If you haven't invested in one of these yet, you need to put it on your list.
The possibilities are endless!

This particular project wasn't so much for decorative purposes is very practical~

 This is going to be so handy!

Here is a close-up of the actual recipe in case you are interested - this one never fails!

Happy Baking!

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March 29, 2012

Sweet Home Manitoba

This isn't my usual decorating/re purpose post. Rather it is a salute to a place that doesn't care much about decorating or style or the latest and greatest trends. (No offence).

It has something better than that. It has a sense of home that isn't created by design. It's created by people and love and family and a unified spirit.

My husband and I went back to his home town this week of Elkhorn, Manitoba (that's the province North of North Dakota for American readers) for his grandfather's funeral.


Notice the slogan? Friendly Manitoba? It's well suited.

This is the province where people always wave when they pass you on the road. Because if they don't know you, they probably know your dad.

Elkhorn is the proud home of Sheldon Kennedy,
and the Manitoba Auto Museum.

(Some of the funniest small-town stories I've ever heard come from here - that's a whole other blog!)

Although I had no Internet or cell phone reception I managed to survive! 

Probably because I had no Internet service or cell phone reception, I had the opportunity to really experience a home sweet nest!

For those of you from small prairie towns or farming communities you probably know what I'm talking about.

Elkhorn has a population of aprox. 500 people. And pretty much everyone knows everyone. Have you ever seen that movie Sweet Home Alabama? Well it's pretty much the same flavor!
Homes in Elkhorn aren't created by the newest trends in lighting. There is no Benjamin Moore and certainly no Annie Sloan stockist.

But there are the best cooks, the handiest men, the friendliest neighbors and the best sense of community that I have ever known. There was an unlimited supply of meals, deserts, phone calls, caring and sense of family.

My husband was blessed to grow up there. And I am honored to have them accept me as part of the community when we visit.

Our weekend was made so much easier by caring neighbors and friends, close family and of course fantastic cooking.

I hate to admit it, but here in the lower mainland of BC,  we don't know most of our neighbors and I doubt if anyone would eat food brought over by a stranger. It's sad, and my husband and I were both over due for a reminder of what home really means. Even though it was a quick trip and a sad occasion brought us all together, it was nice. It was so nice.

So, if you are from such a small town - don't take it for granted. And if you don't live there anymore - don't forget to go visit once in awhile.

Just like Dorothy said...there's no place like home.

March 21, 2012

Emerson's Dresser

I found this beautiful dresser at our local MCC.
The top was in rough shape, but I love the style and all drawers etc. were working well.
Defenitely has potential!

It still has most of the original hardware which I love.

My client Emerson has purchased this for her room.
Emerson is five, so guess what color we went with?
Pink and black!
If the client is five, you can bet pink will be involved!

Annie Sloan Antoinette, Graphite, and light and dark wax.
Yumm, sounds like the perfect recipe to me!

Isn't she pretty?

Love the mix of knobs - all done in Oil Rubbed Bronze.

A little bit of damask drawer liner to finish the look.

Thanks for stopping by -
what's your favorite color combination right now?

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March 19, 2012

This Old Feeder

So I've been drooling over all of the beautiful projects on Pinterest lately,
made with pallet wood and barn wood etc.

I have been scouting the horizon when I drive, for buildings that look like they could topple over in a strong gust of wind.
So I was thrilled when my girlfriend Joanna called to tell me that they had an old barn/feeder that needed to come down and I could come help and take home
whatever pieces I like!

I was thinking we could give it a good kick and it would would collapse like a house of cards and wood for everyone!

This is what we started with - isn't it beautiful? Looks pretty old right?
Well, old it may be, but I'm telling you the 3 little pigs would have ended up with lung transplants trying to blow this thing down!
We pushed it completely on its side with a tractor and then back upright again and it was still completely intact!
That's when we brought in the child labour help.
This is Nick. He has huge muscles for a nine year old and he can swing a mean pick axe!

This is Julia - she's not only beautiful but can haul a wheelbarrow of scraps to the bonfire faster than anyone else I know.

This is Austin - he's not a child but I brought him along to do any of the work the rest of us couldn't reach.

This is my favorite part of the feeder - the curves that have been worn in by the cattle or horses rubbing against the wood for years to get at their food.
You can't recreate natural wear like that.

It didn't take long to start collecting a pile of wood that has a lot of potential for a new life!

We also found some buried treasure...see it?

You don't see it? How about now...

By the end of the day, we had...oh!

 I think what we have is the start of something like this pretty little greenhouse made from old windows
by Moss Twigs...don't you!?
 I gotta go phone Joanna! And plan what I'm making with all this wood! Thanks for checking in.

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