March 16, 2012

More Chair Art - Side Tables

Remember this?

My chair back candle holder from a couple of weeks ago? Well, I thought today I would show you
what happened to the rest of the chair.
I love trying to use all of the parts...

This is the seat portion of the chair after the back was removed. Not exactly in great shape...the leather seat was badly damaged and really dirty!

Now here is the great little surprise I found under the leather - caning - should be easy enough to remove, right? Ya - not so much!

I don't know if they used to do this by hand or there was some machine invented back in the day that did it for them, but whatever it was they did a great job!!

This stuff was so secure and hard to remove that I had to call in back up!

This is my son and right-hand man -
 when the going gets tough!

 Everyone mom should make one of these -
 he's 6 foot 4
a hard worker
very patient (even when he thinks my ideas are ridiculous
really good to his mom!

I highly recommend having one of these around!!

We call him Austin and he's a big help - see how he's looking at me with love in his eyes.

He practically worships the ground I walk on...hahahhaha

Now once we got rid of the caning and sanded the surfaces etc. mirrors were installed underneath - transforming them into...

Adorable little side tables - perfect for any corner and great at reflecting the light from a vintage lamp etc.

They are available for sale and will be listed in my shop as soon as I get that page live - really soon! 

Thanks for stopping in - have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. They DO make wonderful side tables! Great idea!

  2. Looking forward to meeting you in May!

  3. This is fantastic! I love making something new out of things and you did a great job. Love your comments about your son! We made me one also; 6ft 5in and very patient with mom's ever-ending ideas. : )
    I'm a new follower on GFC and Linky and hope you'll follow back. I would love it if you'd link your project to my Frugal Treasures Tuesday party going on now! Looking forward to see what you create next! Have a good weekend.

  4. These look beautiful; love the look on your helper`s handsome face!


  5. wow! love the tables and the chair back. I'm sitting here looking at one of my dining room chairs that is pretty rickety and wondering if I could do this. . .

  6. Austin did good, and yes mom, the eyes have it!


  7. Oh wow, I love it! NEVER would have thought to do something like that! Love the originality and the way they turned out! Now, if only MY 6'5" Adam would love me that much! LOL

  8. Wow-what a fabulously creative idea!! Following you from finding fabulous-stop by for a visit!

  9. LOL!!!!

    You're a crack up woman, and so is your son. That picture of him glaring *ahem* looking adoringly at the camera is priceless. ^_^

    I LOVE what you did with the chairs!! I'm especially digging the mirrored seat tables. =} I can just imagine some candles flickering and reflecting their glowing light in an evening-darkened room. =} Thank you so much for sharing!!

    ~Nicole @

  10. I love how creative you are! This blog is perfect for a class I'm in right now..I actually could use some help with a creative way to make a chair into something else(and not function as a chair anymore) but use as much of the chair as possible! I can also add to it if needed. I'm having trouble thinking of an idea though. Any thoughts?


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