March 19, 2012

This Old Feeder

So I've been drooling over all of the beautiful projects on Pinterest lately,
made with pallet wood and barn wood etc.

I have been scouting the horizon when I drive, for buildings that look like they could topple over in a strong gust of wind.
So I was thrilled when my girlfriend Joanna called to tell me that they had an old barn/feeder that needed to come down and I could come help and take home
whatever pieces I like!

I was thinking we could give it a good kick and it would would collapse like a house of cards and wood for everyone!

This is what we started with - isn't it beautiful? Looks pretty old right?
Well, old it may be, but I'm telling you the 3 little pigs would have ended up with lung transplants trying to blow this thing down!
We pushed it completely on its side with a tractor and then back upright again and it was still completely intact!
That's when we brought in the child labour help.
This is Nick. He has huge muscles for a nine year old and he can swing a mean pick axe!

This is Julia - she's not only beautiful but can haul a wheelbarrow of scraps to the bonfire faster than anyone else I know.

This is Austin - he's not a child but I brought him along to do any of the work the rest of us couldn't reach.

This is my favorite part of the feeder - the curves that have been worn in by the cattle or horses rubbing against the wood for years to get at their food.
You can't recreate natural wear like that.

It didn't take long to start collecting a pile of wood that has a lot of potential for a new life!

We also found some buried treasure...see it?

You don't see it? How about now...

By the end of the day, we had...oh!

 I think what we have is the start of something like this pretty little greenhouse made from old windows
by Moss Twigs...don't you!?
 I gotta go phone Joanna! And plan what I'm making with all this wood! Thanks for checking in.

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  1. I AM SOOOO jealous! I look at those old barns every. single. day. just waiting for someone to run out and give me the OKAY to start cutting it down! Maybe one day I'll have some connections!

    THanks for your sweet comments! Excited to see what you do next!

  2. How lucky you are to have such a windfall and such a thoughtful friend. I must admit I'm envious. The feeder itself has enormous potential. I don't suppose you were able to take it home with you?

    1. No I wasn't able to take it home with me but I am sure Joanna will make good use of it. She has a green thumb and I think it has alot of potential. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Treasure for sure. So are you bringing home the whole little building now? I think you should.


  4. Wow, you dismantled it yourself too? Oh my... you're even more amazing than I originally thought!!! :)

    Sorry I didn't / couldn't join you!!


  5. Love, love love the potential of old wood! Have fun!

  6. So lucky!! Around here there are no old barns or sheds or anything OLD!! When there is barn wood for sale on Craigslist it costs a fortune and is usually an hour away!! When I visit my sister in Michigan I annoy every one in the car by pointing out every old barn with beautifully aged wood on it! haha :)


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