April 30, 2012

Cristal of Level 6 Images

Hi all!

I had the most exciting, wonderful day today! I got to spend time with a wonderful new friend, Cristal from Level 6 Images. Otherwise known as
 "Cristal - possibly my sister from a past life."

We met while second-hand-store shopping and hit it off immediately. Cristal is one of those beautiful people that just has an amazing positive encouraging loving personality. I know we will be friends for a loooong time!

Not only did we discover that we have a lot in common personally, but also, we are both in a very exciting stage of our lives professionally!
Cristal has been a photographer for ten years and is about to take the big leap from her home studio to an actual business space in downtown Abbotsford!

Her new location should be open mid June and I have the honor of working with her on photo props and furnishings etc. So exciting!!

I'll explain more about my big news later this week!
Let's just say I have a VERY big announcement to share soon!
It's one of those magical times for me when everything seems to be falling into place and I feel so blessed!

As a first step in our networking / professional partnership Cristal and I got together today to laugh at my poor photography skills and allow her to show me up!
She is uber talented and it was really great to look at some of my creations through her eyes and her camera lens!

Take a look at my newest creations and how fantastic they look in Crystals capable hands! I absolutely love this apron hanger - made from an old cupboard door and the legs off of an old silver chafing dish!

The little table is the perfect accessory to the apron hanger!

I also have to share this one other photo as it is an absolute favorite of mine!
This is Charlie - "the dog of the blog", and me - his mom. I love this dog!

Thanks again Cristal - and for those of you looking for a amazing photographer - Level 6 Images!!!

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April 27, 2012

Butt I love a hall table!

We finally had some sun here today on the west coast - so it was great for some outdoor painting projects!
I found a little hall table this morning while at our local Salvation Army. It looks something like this one...
The reason I say "something like this one" is because I forgot to take a before picture of the actual table.

BUT I have a really good reason for that.
And when I say but I actually mean BUTT.
 I was distracted by a fellow shopper! Wouldn't you have been?

I love second hand store shopping but I'm telling you those Walmart emails that go around have nothing on my second hand store photo collection!
I must also mention that this shopper walked around the entire store like this,
it didn't simply happen when she bent over. She practiced.

A good friend of mine dared me to post this picture on here and I'm not losing a dare!
Now onto better things...

That little hall table that you've probably all but forgotten about (see how that happens?) got a makeover this afternoon in the sun!

Some Annie Sloan Old White,

And some Emperor's Silk on the drawer...

Isn't she pretty? She is available for sale.

Have a wonderful weekend...and try to keep your pants ON when out shopping!

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April 21, 2012

Toddler Room

Ahhhh Good Old Mother Goose...she's like a lost art. I miss her.
I know kids love Pixar movies and licensed characters like Buzz Light Year and Sponge Bob etc. but I feel sorry for Mother Goose.

(I quite frankly I don't even understand Sponge's like a cartoon about an old school form of birth control...creepy!)

Mother Goose worked hard keeping a lot of us entertained for many years and yet...she sits on the shelf all forgotten...quite sad.
So, when I was asked to do a baby/toddler area for one of our local stores I decided it was time to resurrect that flavor.

Since today was my garage cleaning day I started pulling out things that could work and were from the "right" era. Like this little chair...

 And this flat-back cabinet.
Plus working on this project was a lot more fun than cleaning...

 So, of course I started with a toddler sized bed...painted in Old White with a little word art added to the headboard...perfect.

I love soft lighting in a child's room and was lucky enough to score an antique milk glass lamp recently (thanks Kathy).

 Then on a completely separate day found the MATCHING sconce..
what are the chances?! Now because you can't expect someone to install a sconce in their home without quite a bit of trouble, I mounted it to this wonderful old chippy door that I bought in Fort Langley.
I gave the door a good cleaning, sanding and waxing but otherwise left it the original colors. (The back is a light yellow). I picture this to be leaned against the wall either behind a bedside table or little stool.

I framed the Robin Red Breast nursery rhyme (from the book) and hung this below the sconce - now you have to take my word for it when that sconce is turned on - it casts a magically beautiful glow on that little bird. I'll try to get a pic of that to add later on.

The little flat back cabinet got a nice makeover and has been accented with this cute storage box.

Perfect for keepsakes and treasures!

This cute little vintage styled room came together perfectly and hopefully looks just as cute in it's new home at Gourmet Gallery as it does here on my lawn!

Awe - a little red wagon - it's the perfect finishing touch! 

I hope you enjoyed this post - I love this room.

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April 17, 2012

Passionate Dresser

We are back from the sunny land of Phoenix AZ and back to the rain and back to the studio. We had a wonderful trip but I actually found myself anxious to get back to work. This is what I finished today...I love this type of dresser -
nice girly shaped mirror and a great size for a bedroom or a hallway.

 The drawers on this particular piece had seen better days. The previous owner seemed to have a passion for Princess Leia and it came complete with Princess Leia stickers all over the front of the drawers...

Always a favorite look! Just maybe not for this piece.

And the mirror had this permanent cloudy look that no matter what I tried wouldn't go away - have you ever seen this? What is it??!

While the mirror was off the glass shop to be repaired I sanded down the entire dresser and used a dark walnut stain on the main body and a coat of old white on the drawers followed by a light coat of dark walnut stain to tie it all together.

 Knob close ups are a favorite of mine - I love the detail - it's like jewelry for furniture.

All finished and now available for purchase at

If you haven't been to The Passionate Home - you MUST go take a look - it's my favorite store in Langley and is so inspiring!

They are also - the only Annie Sloan stockist in our area! Tell them I sent you.
What are you working on this week?
And again - what happened to that mirror!?

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