April 27, 2012

Butt I love a hall table!

We finally had some sun here today on the west coast - so it was great for some outdoor painting projects!
I found a little hall table this morning while at our local Salvation Army. It looks something like this one...
The reason I say "something like this one" is because I forgot to take a before picture of the actual table.

BUT I have a really good reason for that.
And when I say but I actually mean BUTT.
 I was distracted by a fellow shopper! Wouldn't you have been?

I love second hand store shopping but I'm telling you those Walmart emails that go around have nothing on my second hand store photo collection!
I must also mention that this shopper walked around the entire store like this,
it didn't simply happen when she bent over. She practiced.

A good friend of mine dared me to post this picture on here and I'm not losing a dare!
Now onto better things...

That little hall table that you've probably all but forgotten about (see how that happens?) got a makeover this afternoon in the sun!

Some Annie Sloan Old White,

And some Emperor's Silk on the drawer...

Isn't she pretty? She is available for sale.

Have a wonderful weekend...and try to keep your pants ON when out shopping!

I'm partying with my pants on at:

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  1. Love the table--could have lived without the picture of the second hand store shopper:) Glad you won the bet.

  2. So how cute is that?! and that shopper needs to see that photograph... just sayin'

  3. hahaha, the thing is she HAD to have been able to feel the breeze!!! I mean come on!! I love the table, the red drawer is perfect!! Love it.

  4. You have to wonder what goes in in some people's heads! Ekes! The table worked out really sweet, though. ~ Maureen

  5. AAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHA!!! "I am partying with my pants on"
    You are so funny!!!
    I love the table!!!
    That is something I could do, add some red to a piece. I am scared of painting with anything other than white or gray or blue...

  6. Very pretty! Love the pop of red!

  7. Looks great. Love the pop of red on the drawer! Great job!

  8. I usually men with the "butt" issue, so found this so funny to see a women with the same issue. To bad she needed to practice so much on it, you think her friend would of noticed? Love your table, so very pretty. I really like how you left the drawer natural, a really nice look. Great job, is I lived close I would buy it. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration over at Sunday's Best!

  9. Just wanted to let you know I featured your adorable side table on my blog today!


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