April 02, 2012

Custom Wedding Gift

My daughter and her boyfriend are going to a family wedding in Alberta this month, and his mom asked me to make a gift for the bride and groom from the family.

She gave me the very pretty invitation as inspiration and I decided to use it in the actual gift.

 First, a frame with a mirror...

Then I measured out the a portion of the mirror and removed the silvering

- a very stinky messy job involving a couple of chemicals that leave part of the mirror looking more like window.

This is what I look like when I am doing this part of the project...which leads to the question....
how is it that I am married?
I walk around all day with paint on my clothes,
sanding dust in my hair, wearing a mask and
constantly drag home junk.
According to my husband the house is starting to smell like the Salvation Army lol.

Ah he loves me -
I hope the new bride can be half as lucky as me!

I painted the frame with some Annie Sloan Antoinette and Old White and dressed it up a little with
some cute wooden appliques.

Then framed the invitation with a coordinating
vintage paper...

 Then placed the invitation in the windowed section of the mirror and ta da...

I really hope they like it...and this helps feather their new nest and make it feel more like a home!

Congratulations from home sweet nest!

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  1. Love it - what a terrific idea and the perfect momento of their big day!

  2. That is such a sweet idea and very nicely done, too! ~ Maureen

  3. That is so pretty--they will love it!

  4. How pretty is that? The lucky couple won't receive anything as lovely and heartfelt as this gift. Well done!

  5. Wow, how wonderful and creative! You did a beautiful job!

  6. A lifetime gift, how lovely.

  7. ADORABLE, Elisa!!!
    You are so creative!
    I am sure they will love it!!!
    Now, YOU... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!! I remembered me painting my fireplace, hahahaahahahaaha!!! Beautiful!!!
    and hey, I know you why your husband loves you!!!
    I have seen you in person, you are beautiful!!!

  8. What a great gift. So funny about the house smelling like SA! Thanks for linking up to Share the Love Wednesday; have a great Easter!


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