May 07, 2012

Drift Wood Surprise

Oh happy day!
 I stopped at a garage sale yesterday morning really briefly and was looking around at all the furniture and household items, when I spied a little broken piece of wood off of something and asked if I could have it.
The owner said I could take it which caught the attention of another shopper who turned out to be the guardian angel of driftwood!

Marcia is a lovely lady who is from Campbell River (she's not really made of wood). She has a terrific stash of drift wood that she can't quite figure out what to do with. When she heard me ooohing and ahhing over the little little piece of garbage in my hand, I think maybe she knew in heart that her driftwood was destined to be mine!

So I drove out to her place last night and jackpot! She was kind enough to give it all to me! Some of the pieces were taller than me and others were those great little chunky ones with lots of character!

The funny thing is - I had just made a box to hold the driftwood that I didn't own yet!
See - meant to be!!

So, obviously the next logical thing to do in a case like this
is to go on Pinterest to get inspired!
So, enjoy all the eye candy - wonder what I should make first? You may get to see something created from my new little stash at Scout Vintage Market!

source unknown

source unknown

Thanks for the driftwood Marcia!


  1. WOOOWW!!!
    I would like to see you make the tea light holder
    or (and??) the chandelier!!!


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