May 24, 2012

The Final Countdown

We're down to the last hours before
Scout Handmade and Vintage Market here in Abbotsford!
We have exhausted but excited vendors who are creating amazing displays - these women are truly inspiring!
 I was there yesterday dropping off some of my larger items and
everything is coming together wonderfully! 
If you have tickets for the sold-out Friday night then we will see you tomorrow! Otherwise be sure to stop in Saturday for some unique home decor and gift items and lots of inspiration!
I'm off to finish up all of my last-minute projects.
Hint; chandeliers!


  1. Good luck! Enjoy yourself and sell much!!

  2. It was so great meeting you yesterday! I hope you had a great weekend at the Market, and I hope we follow through with our plan to get us local bloggers together for some networking love! :)

    Take care!



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