June 07, 2012

Back Yard Tent Sale Prep

Ok - we have 6 women - tonnes of beautiful stuff, ice tea, cookies, tents and this stupid forecast...

HOWEVER...we decided this morning that rain or shine the show must go on!
So...if you aren't made of sugar the rain won't hurt you. 
You should come by, shop the yard and have a visit!
Here are a few more teaser pictures to get you off the couch and out from under that warm blanket.

Hope to see you this
Saturday June 9th
9 am to 4 pm
32553 Peardonville Road
Abbotsford, BC


  1. Ok not fair, your teasing us that can`t make it.
    Hope for a great sale.

  2. I wish I could come! Us Oregonians always garage sale in the rain!!

  3. I have decided I am coming no matter what! Rain be damned! :)))

  4. Hi, Elisa!!!!
    OOHhh, I a not sure if I can make it!!!
    I am a planner, I do everything in advance, it is SO ANNOYING (yes, even to ME)!!! So I booked weeks ago to meet a friend and I need to meet her she is moving out of town and I love her (long explanation, LOL)!!!
    Promise you will make ore of those and tell months in advance. hahahahahaah!
    How do you even find time?? I am trying hard to finish some pieces for The Olde Farmhouse Vintage Market! Hugs and SUCCESS (do you need MORE??)!!!

  5. Oh I am coming... and bringing a friend... been a fan since Fieldstone Vintage Market.... see you Saturday!


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