June 24, 2012

Market Recap

The Olde Farmhouse Market was a huge success -
both for me personally and the show as a whole!

Barb and Leah did an amazing job - you would have never known this was the first time they hosted a vintage market! They were wonderful hosts - always making sure everyone was happy and even helping others set up and take down!

Stephanie of Retrospect Photography was our official photographer of the day - and did a beautiful job of capturing the vintage flavor!

 These flowers were from my own garden the morning of the show and made a great compliment to the silver teapots I had for sale.

 These boots were NOT made for walking - they were made for sitting, and getting your picture taken! They`re cute but not meant for standing on concrete all day!
This photo was taken by Dina Stoddard at Klutch Photography.

 Now - for the good part...want to see my favorite purchase of the day!?
THIS IS MY NEW BIKE!!! I LOVE IT!!! I've already ridden it - right from the booth I bought it from all the way down the barn to my booth!
There are no brakes...but if you have seen me drive - it doesn't really matter cause it couldn't get much worse lol.

 Wanna see the picture I always have in my head when I see a bike like this?

I know you think it's probably this:

But it's not - it's this!

I don't know why but as I ride I pretend I look like this....just a weird, random childhood memory I guess...hahahahhaa

I love my new bike! What is your favorite market purchase?


  1. I saw your new bike. Loved it. I think it was the first item that caught my eye when I arrived at the fair. I didn't look at it, I assumed that I could not affort it. I am glad you got it though. Lucky girl.

    1. Well Lady Pamela - You should never judge a book by it's cover - or a price tag without a close look, because I hate to tell you but that bike was only $40. I have been wanting one for years! You may come for a ride anytime you like!
      Thanks for coming to the market - it was great to see you!

  2. If I had left my booth during the day, I would have snapped up that bike! I didn't get too much time to chat with you during the day, but I was honored to be your neighbor:) You are lovely, your booth was lovely, your daughter is beautiful. So nice to be surrounded by such great people, good vibes and of course fabulous things! Hope to see you again! p.s. I think it is so great that you and your daughter are doing these things together. I would LOVE to do the same:)

    1. Awe thanks so much Jen - I'm so glad your first show was such a success! Isnt' it fun AND validating! I can just feel that good things are going to happen for you! Enjoy your journey!
      I know I'll be seeing you!

  3. That bike is too cute! Thanks for the kind words. Your booth had a beautiful mix of vintage and sparkle- loved it!

    1. Thanks Stephanie - I stalked your blog - you are so talented! Great meeting you!


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