June 01, 2012

Scout Market Follow-up

Happy weekend everyone!
So - now that I have recuperated from last weekend's Scout Market - I wanted to share a few pictures from my booth.
It's hard to believe it's all over but it was so worth it!

These pics were made available today by Sharalee Prang -
along with about 450 other ones!
So if you didn't make it to the market and you want to see what you missed

What an amazing weekend!
All photos on this page are courtesy of Sharalee Prang. She did an excellent job of capturing this beautiful event!

Oh one more picture - (taken by me)
This was my booth after the show - so pathetic it's funny.
And also a good reason why you should ask people to take away their big purchases after the show. lol

Happy to say I am already getting ready for the next markets - check out my
to see where you can find me next!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Wow--it looks like you were very sucessful. That is great! The photos are really well done.

  2. I'd call that show a whopping success! ~ Maureen

  3. Hey, I've been following your blog on bloglovin, and I also worked on your business cards recently, which is where I creeped you from. I was at Scout Market and had a great time. Loved your booth (it was one of my favourites). Anyway, just wanted to say hey!

  4. What a booth! And so much was gone by the end of the show. Well done. i wish someone would hold a market like this near me!!


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