July 07, 2012

The Power of Paint

It finally feels as though summer is here - and I've been waiting all through winter and a very soggy spring to tackle this project!
It's my deck!
It's the biggest eyesore in the whole house and an actual embarrasment!
Look at that peeling paint and filth!
Reminds me of something....

After a really good pressure washing and some serious color consideration - we have decided to give it a fresh coat of Stone Grey (Rona).
Anything has to be better than 1984 Olive Green doesn't it?!

My son Austin was an amazing help with this project!!

Of course we first color tested the paint on Charlie's ear fur!
(He was professionally groomed this morning so of course he decided to rub his ear in some wet paint)!

It's so exciting to stand back and look at the transformation as it happens!

Oh the power of paint -
I can't wait to put everything back and make it pretty!

 I'll share the finished photos with you this week! It will defenitely involve a hammock to read the Shades of Grey trilogy!

By the way is anyone else addicted to those books right now?
I feel dirtier than the first picture in this blog post! hahahaha


  1. Hi lady,
    I read part of 50 Shades of Grey and stopped about 1/4 through. Just didn't appeal to me. Those characters made me crazy! But you know what I do like is that paint on the deck. Austin is one handy guy. Way to go team!

  2. I am so frustrated with my front porch--all the paint peeled I did last year. I thought I did everything right. Any suggestions? Yours looks great!

  3. Right on! This looks great! So clean and fresh looking. Can't wait to see it decorated and primped!

  4. Austin did good! Now what's that little play house I see used for?


  5. It looks awesome, Elisa!!!
    I know the feeling! My deck needs a good washing! It was pressure washed earlier in Spring (what spring???) and it is all muddy again! We also could give another coat of paint, but I don't think it will happen this year...
    I haven't read the book you mentioned, but heard of it! Have fun!

  6. Looks beautiful! We have a doodle who likes paint too!!!! Yesterday she put her entire foot in a can of my paint, spilling it in the process :(. But can't stay mad at her she is so cute!!!
    Happy reading......

  7. Love how it looks painted! What a nice big porch you have! Jealous. Now the fun part...enjoy! Can't wait to see it all put together


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