July 23, 2012

Sweet Salvage Trip

I remember when I first started blogging,
I would notice other bloggers would go MIA
from their posting every once in awhile
 and I thought -
wow I would never do that!

I love blogging - why would anyone need a break?!

Well now I understand - this has been a really busy summer and I have slacked off a little but I'm ok with that!

Let me show you what I've been up to...
I just got back last night from one of my little holidays and I am so excited to share it with you now that I'm home!

I went to Scottsdale AZ with Carrie from
The Passionate Home in Langley, and we had the best weekend!

We went down to to the Sweet Salvage Show -
a monthly vintage market that is hosted by
 Kim Rawlins and Katie Hobbs.

These are two of the nicest women I have met on my vintage journey and even though we showed up on their busiest day of the month they took the time to allow Carrie and I to "interview" them
all about their fantastic market!

 Well, I interviewed them - Carrie was off somewhere fooling around -
who does she think she is?!
The ladies put on a four-day show once a month
in a huge warehouse in Phoenix.
Every month is a different theme, which is how they
keep things looking fresh.

This months theme was "Now Showing" and was a tribute to vintage movies and shows -

 everything from Breakfast at Tiffany's...

 to Alice in Wonderland...

It was amazing! Except for Carrie - still fooling around...
Here she is still fooling around - thinking I won't notice,
cause she's blending into the background...

She's lucky I don't fire her...

Back to the beautiful pictures...

Vintage cute!

beautiful displays...

creative merchandising...

Oh, and just when I thought I would switch to video and give you a true feel for the show...she was still fooling around!

Thanks for stopping by - and if you're in the Phoenix area be sure to check out the monthly show at Sweet Salvage!


  1. I'm sooo jealous, looks amazing!!glad you had a fun time. I hope you brought some treasures home with you:-)

  2. You guys look like you had so much fun! Everything looks great and love the ending video. You made me laugh!

  3. Oh my gosh that looks like such a good time, I wish they did things like that here.

  4. Hehe, those are funny! Looks like it was so much fun :)

  5. What an event! I saw some stuff I would have bought!!

  6. Elisa,
    Thank you for making the journey to visit us!
    We are so honored! We can't wait to see you again and thank you for the wonderful post. :)

    Warm Regards,
    Sweet Salvage

  7. I finally took the time to sit and read some blogs. I loved this post. It made me smile. Thank you.

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