September 23, 2012

Spruce Collective

 Picture by Cristal at Level 6 Images
 First let me apologize for the serious lack of blogging lately....disgusting! Now let me show you what I've been busy with...
Spruce Collective is now open!

The girls and I are thrilled at all the wonderful comments that we have received during our first week! Everyone has been so kind and encouraging - it has made all the hard work so worth it!

Picture by Cristal Level 6 Images
Special Note: YES we all get along and no we don't fight. Everyone is loving and supportive of each other so please stop asking us. You wouldn't ask a group of men that would you?
You'll someday see us in Entrepreneur Magazine doing a special report on women working together - mark my words on it!

We are also so thankful for your patience with our debit machine issues - many of you have been having a good laugh at our vintage credit card machine! This was not an intentional style decision but we seem to have everything working now! One of those frustrating growing pains! (I also aged myself this week by being the only one that knew how to use it)...hehehehe. Stop laughing now.
Anyway - the store looks beautiful - and we have also received our order of
Cece Caldwell Chalk and Clay Paint!
The creative projects will be starting up right away!

Like this table painted in Blue Montana Sky.
We will also be offering a number of creative of classes each month in our beautiful workshop! Our class schedule is available online here: Classes

We've been joking that if we were "Sister Wives" we would have the most beautiful house in Abbotsford! lol (we're not).
We get along better than them too...

We were flattered to have Cindy from Creating at Home blog about us this week - please check out her page for more beautiful pictures!