August 11, 2013

Another Brick In The Wall

I have all but given up on finding the time to blog anymore with the store (Spruce Collective) keeping me so busy, but from time to time I receive questions on my DIY projects that people see on Facebook or Instagram.
This weekend I had the opportunity to do a little bedroom makeover that I'm getting asked about so I thought I could probably explain it best by doing a quick little post here...
I knew I wanted the look of brick in our bedroom, without spending the big bucks and hiring a mason to do it.
This is the picture that inspired me - I mean who wouldn't be inspired...isn't it amazing?!

So, like is budget for brick to Rona
(Lowe's for those of you in the USA that are asking)...Hi Kelly!
They sell brick panelling - yes, I said panelling - like in your grandma's basement...but just stay with me...
This is what it looks like in the back of a mini van - It comes in a 4x8 sheet and apparently is perfect for napping on if you are a dog.

This is what it looks like on the took three sheets to do this one and takes a bit of skill to line up perfectly - also remember you'll need to cut out holes where the outlets are or any light switches.

Once you have it installed, it's up to you how you finish it, but this is what I did:
Mixed CeCe Caldwell's Chalk Paint in Vintage White with water (half and half) and applied it to the wall using a waxing brush (round with long bristles)so that I could really work it into the cracks and divots.

Once it was dry, I wiped off each brick with a damp rag...the beauty of chalk paint! It's water soluble - I can't imagine doing this job with latex!

 After the bricks were dry, I added a little bit of grey chalk paint here and there to create a more dimensional, authentic look.
Forgive the photo quality - these are all IPhone photos as I hadn't planned on blogging about this.
 This is a little bit closer of a look at the wall near the bedside tables...


 The room definitely feels bigger and cozier..
.Only problem now - I want new bedding, pillows, painted side walls, curtains....
Here's hoping you have a cozy room to curl up in!